Color Jumper

This week’s featured soundtrack is from Color Jumper.

One thing I’ve always admired about my friend Ben Burnes is that he’s such a hugely talented and skilled individual and he always makes everything look easy (even if he shows the sauce of how damn difficult everything he does can be). I also admire his ability to be real about things; he shares his frustrations, struggles, and wisdom freely. He doesn’t sugarcoat it: creating things is hard, but it’s also hugely rewarding.

Color Jumper is a game made entirely by solely by this huge talent. Brutally difficult, but still stylish and unique in its own rite, Color Jumper is one of those games that I will respect from a distance. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate how insanely smooth the soundtrack is for this game. For such an infuriating experience, the music makes me want to just take it slow and focus in.

Going by Abstraction, Ben is such a massive influence on me and I hope that this soundtrack gives you a taste of how incredible this guy is. I’m happy to call him friend.

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