Original Aki-chan design by JoveJun-san

“いらっしゃいませ! Welcome to the Arcade! Please enjoy your stay.”
– Aki-chan –

Art by Strovi

Aki-chan is Insert Coin Theater’s mascot and stream waifu. As a lot of the community has an interest in (or puts up with) anime, it only made sense to continue to utilize Japanese aesthetics and introduce the Tokyo native to the stream.

The kanji for her name means “autumn,” which is Tim’s favorite season. Her name is an abbreviated form of the district Akihabara in Tokyo, which is Tim’s favorite place in the whole world. Aki-chan represents a lot of Tim’s passions and things that make him happy.

Aki-chan with her name in Japanese
Art by Reki

She is 20 years old as of October 2018, and has a passion for arcades, video games, and upbeat, happy music. She loves rhythm games, ice cream and cute things. Her favorite food is ramen with a softboiled egg and nori.

Aki-chan features in several ICT Merch designs (with more to come), as she is stylish and aesthetic, two things Tim is not.