Tim Hosey

Tim is the creator & face of Insert Coin Theater. A 30-year-old from the Tampa Bay area of Florida, he has a passion for gaming, content creation and geekery of all sorts. He has been a gamer since elementary school, where he used to sneak into his eldest brother’s bedroom to play his Sega Genesis when he was out of the house.

Tim LOVES Japan. He has a deep love for the country, culture, and of course anime (cute anime girls, especially!) – which manifested in a trip to Japan in November of 2017. On this trip, Tim got some ideas on how to shape Insert Coin Theater into the community and brand it is today.

A proud partner of Mixer, XSplit, StreamLabs, Gamer Goo, and BAWLS Guarana, the drive for success and delivering great content and value to viewers and partners alike keeps him fueled (along with lots of caffeine!).

Tim has done a vast array of content creation escapades, including a channel takeover for the game Sleep Tight, which capped at over 2,200 concurrent viewers; live on-stage events for Mixer at PAX West 2018; to live content from Mixer’s Studio at Microsoft Studio D in Redmond, Washington.

Insert Coin Theater

Insert Coin Theater is a community first and foremost, populated by some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Most of the time, the community congregates in Discord during Tim’s live streams on Mixer. They are always on-point to welcome new friends to the community in chat, though, and we’re always looking to grow and expand.

The Arcade

The Arcade is the community of Insert Coin Theater. Arcades are throwbacks to the American 80’s, where friends would gather and feel welcome and enjoy video games together. This same mentality exists in Japanese arcades, which the brand is themed after. Meeting friends to play Mario Kart against each other or win prizes in the UFO machines is commonplace, and even as an American in Tokyo, Tim felt right at home in these venues.

Arcades are a magical place where everyone can feel accepted regardless of their gender, race, or sexual orientation, and everyone has a good time with video games. The Arcade is a manifestation of that.