A screenshot of the Olympic champion customization screen

Sega’s Got a 2020 Olympics Game Coming Out That Looks Pretty Sweet

Generally I post a lot of ramblings here about the industry and such, but I had my eye caught by the Tokyo Olympics 2020 video game that’s releasing this July 24th in Japan.

The cover looks pretty rad.

An article from Japanese gaming news site and magazine Famitsu was reporting on it, and to be honest after seeing the screenshots and trailer featuring gameplay, I’m super excited about it. It’s like a hyper-stylized representation in a distinctly Japanese style. Somewhere between regular anime and chibi with a dash of realistic mixed in. You can see this effect in the screenshots below.

Honestly, after watching the gameplay trailer of it, it makes me feel like I could really get into it. The avatars are super cute, and apparently they’re customizable so you can create your own Olympic champions.

The game features 16 different events, including boxing, table tennis, basketball, boxing, BMX, and a bunch more. These games are always sorta fun because the mechanics vary wildly, you can bounce around and not get bored, and you can really just enjoy the minigame mechanics at your leisure. The ones you don’t like, you skip and focus on the games you do enjoy.

The video trailer is below. It’s going to release for PS4 and Switch on the 24th of July, 2019. Pretty rad.

I genuinely hope this releases in the US. Would love to get my hands on it and play it on stream.

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