World of Warcraft Classic Release Date Set!

The release date for World of Warcraft Classic has been set to worldwide at midnight on August 27th, 2019!

To say I’m excited would be a distinct understatement.. For example, you’ll see my tweet below, made shortly after I found out about the launch date.

I’m still sort of in shock. I can’t believe they’ve given a release date. I am amazed they are really going to release it. This is the game I’ve been wishing for, even pining for, since the end of Wrath of the Lich King in 2010. A revisit to the days of old, before the destruction of Azeroth and flying mounts at any point in the game; a portal to a time that had no mounts until level 40 and they were actually difficult to earn; and a travel back in time to when a server’s community meant something. I’ve been seeing a lot of people figuring this will flop, due to a combination of nostalgia goggles and the fact that you need to sub to current WoW to get your game on in WoW Classic. They may be right, but if EverQuest’s progression servers or Old School RuneScape are any indicator, there’s a definite market for engaging with old MMOs as they appeared back in the day, even if it’s with a cost associated.

I understand people’s reservations – who wants to play an old version of a currently-running game? Simply put, those of us who love the Warcraft universe and spent months, or even years, in the hallowed World of Warcraft are eager to revisit it, experiencing the game with new friends and reliving our most exciting and fun moments. I miss the place I spent literal months in-game, forging bonds and friendships, becoming an expert at my characters and learning leadership skills that I carry with me even today.

I’ve got big plans for this release. The ICT community is already building up to make this happen – we’re going to start a guild, share resources, and grow as a team to do dungeons, level, and eventually raid together. I can’t wait to revisit Origrimmar, Undercity, Brill and Tarren Mill as they were back in 2006 when I originally played. Hope to see you there!

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